Q&A with Jeff Pearlman

JEFF PEARLMAN: You’re a two-time Canadian Olympian who goes down as one of his nation’s all-time best skiers. A handful of months ago, after an 11-year career, you announced your retirement. First, how did you decide to come to this point? Second, how weird/painful/upsetting is it to think of yourself as a “former” skier?

RYAN SEMPLE: The decision took some time. Unfortunately, I had an injury in January and that set me back more than expected. It came down to a risk versus reward scenario, and the risk was too great. After having dealt with many obstacles in my career, I didn’t want to jeopardize ”life after skiing” for another Olympic dream. Is it weird to think of myself as a former skier? Well, I will always be a skier—nothing can change that. It is such a strong community and I do not plan on ever leaving the sport completely. In the meantime, it is a big change. Is it painful? No. The more time passes, the more I realize that the decision I made was a good one.

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Top of Vail

The Bird of Prey downhill start

Exciting Talon turn.  During course inspection

I’m standing on the Golden Eagle jump, the section below is called the Abyss and has a big compression.

Finals words from Lake Louise

This year was my first time racing the Lake Louise WC downhill in Canada.  Always a pleasure to compete at home, something we rarely get to do.  Weather conditions have influenced past results, but this year things were fair.  My training runs built confidence but unfortunately did not translate to the race.  I was hoping to get some WC points but it was not my day!   Congrats to Jan Hudec who is coming back from injury posting a 4th in Super-G and 12th in DH.  Very respectable.

Off to Vail we go.

The Canadian Rockies can be such a nice place, especially when it’s not -35c.

The World Cup season has officially started.

Kind of a cool shot.  This was heading to the hill for the first training run of the Lake Louise DH.

Just putting my tips out of the start gate.  40 cm of fresh snow made it hard for the course workers.

A day in the life of a skier racer

This is a little look into what we are up to in Colorado.  It’s the last training camp of the year, racing is just around the corner!  We are fine tuning equipment and finding ways to create more speed.

It’s that time again.

Just packing up for a 6.30 am flight to Colorado, nothing new in the life of a skier.

Racing season is no longer months away but days.  The Men’s team is heading to Copper Mountain in Colorado to prepare.  I won’t be home for some time so I’ll take a few extra hours to pack properly.  Not my usual 2 hour cram scenario.


Hintertux Austria

It took some time to get organized but I have some new pictures from our last snow camp in Hintertux.  Days were lost due to weather but that seems to be the trend this time of year in Europe.  The snow needs to come eventually.  Enjoy..

I felt like a new person with all the different gear on.  These goggles were wild.

It’s been a while since these pads have been on my legs. Day 1 in the books,  so far so good.
The Atomics, definitely some getting used to but I’m heading in the right direction.  With a few testing sessions I should be able to dial it in for maximum performance.

This is all done on the iPhone, Tks Shane.

Inspecting the course first run of the day

Snow was a bit soft but after a few runs a nice groove developed.

Rad pic